Student Recordings

Enjoy the performances of the following students.

In addition to coaching singers,
the studio encourages recording to CD and YouTube.

In November every year,
students may make a Christmas/holiday CD
for their friends and family.


As a part of studying musical theatre character voice, Astral (they/them), age 16, performs “Kindergarten Love Song.” Recently they took on the pop music genre with “Just My Type” (by the Vamps). Parental advisory: this song contains adult content.* Astral loves drawing, singing, and writing. They are thinking about a career in psychology, voice acting or creative writing.

*The studio encourages dialogue with young singers and their parents if there is adult content. When parents and singers agree to such content, in the vein of creativity and freedom of expression, those songs are shared here.

Kindergarten Love Song
Just My Type (Parental Advisory: Adult Content)


Celeste is the studio’s youngest student. In March, she began studying voice via Zoom during the pandemic shut down. After three months, this nine year old has now moved back into the studio. Enjoy her recordings of The Rainbow Connection and Electric Love. Celeste demonstrates she is skilled in both musical theatre and pop genres.

The Rainbow Connection
Electric Love


Ciara just joined the studio before the stay-at-home order. Working with her through Zoom helped her prepared for her in studio recording of “With You” from Ghost, The Musical. Ciara is pursuing a career in the entertainment business and working with her agent in preparation for a modeling/talent show in NYC this coming summer.

With You


Claire demonstrates, at the age of 12, a vocal skill in ascending through chest voice to head voice. As a 7th grader, Claire loves drama and will appear as the Broadway Melody Host in her school’s production of Singing In the Rain. In her spare time she plays the ukulele and takes part in club lacrosse. Claire just recorded “The Story” by Brandi Carlile, adding to her previous recording of “God Help the Outcasts.” She hopes to perform with her dad (guitar) in the future.

The Story
God Help the Outcasts


Griffin, age 15, began studying voice just before the Covid shut down. He continued his lessons via Zoom and made great progress. He loves playing video games and reading. Last fall Griffin was cast in his high school musical production of “Once On This Island” and he is understudying a role in this fall’s play. He plans to audition for the 2021 spring musical. Enjoy the humorous song , “You’ll Be Back”, from Hamilton. Griffin is also working on a more classical sound in “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from Les Miserables.

You’ll Be Back from Hamilton
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables


Jacquelyn, age 14, place SECOND in the American Protégé Music Competition. She will travel to New York and perform her song at Carnegie Hall. Jacquelyn accomplished this during the Covid lock down! She demonstrates the variety of genres offered by the studio. Enjoy the pop version of “Someone Like You” and compare it with the musical version of the same title. Her other interests are theatre, piano, trumpet and swimming. She is currently swimming competitively. This past week Jacquelyn came in third in the 100 free style (state). She has aspirations of attending BYU one day and enrolling in the Young Ambassadors program. Jacquelyn is currently preparing for the West Central Region of the National Association of Teachers of Singing online competition.

Watch Someone Like You (Adele)
Someone Like You from Jeykll and Hyde


Lyndon, age 14, wants to become a delivery nurse or psychologist. She performed in her school’s musical. Lyndon loves the musical Be More Chill. Here she sings “A Guy I’d Kinda Be Into.” Lyndon also performs “It’s Quiet Uptown” from Hamilton. Recorded, with much empathy, Lyndon sings “In the Bedroom, Down the Hall” from Dear Evan Hansen, a tragic song about loss. This past January, Lyndon entered the national singing contest sponsored by Hal Leonard Publishing. Currently she is preparing for the regional competition of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS).

A Guy I’d Kinda Be Into
It’s Quiet Uptown
In the Bedroom, Down the Hall


Makena,16, is a diligent student of the theatre. She is well-versed in musical theatre productions, roles and ranges. This past February, she auditioned for the nationwide Hal Leonard vocal contest. Makena has performed in her high school theatre productions. Here she demonstrates an appropriate cut for a musical theatre audition. Enjoy watching her performance of “Astonishing” from Little Women. Her latest recording “Johnny One Note” from Babes in Arms demonstrates her agility in using her mix voice.

Johnny One Note


Mackenzie,17, performed the supporting role of Cinderella in her high school musical production of  Into the Woods. Currently she is preparing for Colorado All State auditions. She loves art, singing and hopes to teach in the future. In fact, periodically she steps in for her choir teacher. Enjoy her performance of The Lass From the Low Countree.

The Lass from the Low Countree


Michael, 17, is the consummate musician. He studies guitar and voice and currently plays with a blues band.  Michael is also starting a trio plus he and Riana (also a voice student) use their back to back voice lesson time to collaborate on duo repertoire. In the studio, Michael has been coached on classical, jazz, blues, and musical theatre genres. When Michael is not singing or playing guitar, he plays tuba in the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony. Enjoy his performance of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar. This is quite an undertaking considering the dynamic contrasts and enlarged vocal range. Michael just added “Superstition” (Stevie Wonder) as he prepares for one of his bands.

Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar
Riana and Michael video


Peyton, 14, is excited about starting her freshman year in high school. She plays clarinet in the band and the jazz band. Peyton recorded I’m Not That Girl from Wicked this past week.  Born to Entertain (from Ruthless) is a potential audition song for the future. She also loves Disney and the songs from Moana. Enjoy “How Far I’ll Go.”

I’m Not That Girl
Born to Entertain
How Far I’ll Go


Riana, 16, loves to sing and perform. Last year, she was cast as the Witch in her high school’s production of Into the Woods. This spring Riana will perform the role of Pennywise in her high school’s production of Urine Town. Riana is a featured soloist in a blues band (including PPVS student Michael) and is also working in a duo capacity with Michael. Recently she recorded “With You” from the musical Ghost. Her ability to utilize her chest, mix and head voice is exemplary. Riana shows her diversity in her performance of “Midnight in Memphis” with Michael. Riana performed “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Phantom of the Opera as a part of her competition repertoire.

With You
Watch Midnight in Memphis
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again


Ross, 27, just began studying with the studio although he is no stranger to singing. His goal is to get a band together when he is not working as a registered nurse. The studio offers digital as well as video recordings. Contact the studio through this website if you are looking for a singer such as Ross! Enjoy both the audio and video presentations of All of Me and Hallelujah.
All Of Me (Video)
All Of Me (Audio)
Hallelujah (Video)
Hallelujah (Audio)


Paula is married to Tom, who studied with the studio last spring! She shares his passion for making music. Paula has led a life full of wonderful opportunities: manual physical therapist, graduating from the Rolf Institute with her massage certification; taught math and physics in numerous locations and was a member of the Peace Corp. As an adult student, Paula prepares songs for recording almost weekly. She just finished the following songs: Edelweiss, Danny Boy and Memory (from Cats). Paula finds this is a great way to share her positive message through music! Please take time to enjoy her recordings.

Danny Boy


Tom is one of several adult students in the studio. It’s his first time studying voice however music is not new to him. Tom served as the band director at Palmer High School for 20 years. He currently is the choir director at his church and has done so for the past four years. His interests include hiking and anything to do with nature. Tom performs “The Old Rugged Cross” in preparation for Easter.

The Old Rugged Cross


Vianne, who just turned 14, will be entering national singing contests this year. She loves language arts and drawing. Vianne’s background in gymnastics is a credit to her deportment as a singer/actor. Her goals? To become a famous actress! Enjoy her video rendition of Popular from the show Wicked.

Popular (Wicked)


Zoe, 16, loves French and theatre. She is Vice President of Tri M Honors (Modern Music Masters). Currently Zoe is preparing for the National Association of Teachers of Singing state auditions. Just this past month, she auditioned for her school’s play where she garnered the lead. Zoe added “Just One Step” from Songs From a New World (Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics*) to her musical theatre repertoire. She also loves exploring jazz with such songs as “The Mad Hatter” from Wonderland and “Stuff Like That There” from For the Boys (starring Bette Midler). *The studio encourages dialogue with young singers and their parents if explicit lyrics are used. When parents and singers agree to such lyrics, it is in the vein of keeping the integrity of the lyricist and acknowledging copyright issues when changing any part of a published song.

The Mad Hatter
Stuff Like That There
Just One Step (Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics)