Peak Performance Voice Studio Agreement

1.  I am a retired teacher and therefore reliant on my studio as a portion of my fixed income. I budget accordingly. ALL policies will be enforced.

A. If a check for payment is non-sufficient, you will pay the bank fees and the lesson in cash. All future lessons MUST BE PAID IN CASH OR CREDIT CARD.
B. If you pay for the term or month and decide to stop taking lessons before the end of the term or month, lessons not taken will NOT be refunded.
C. If you bundle four non-consecutive lessons, all four lessons must be completed within six (6) weeks of the first lesson.
D. Once you commit to the studio, the expectation is you will continue every month. If you plan to stop taking lessons at any time, please let me know ASAP via email.

2.     When payment is due, please submit payment before the lesson begins. If you do not have payment, you will be charged a $25 late fee. To avoid the late fee, there will be a 48 hour grace period to hand deliver the amount due. (Credit Cards accepted)

3.     If you miss your lesson (no call/no show), you will NOT receive a make-up lesson (calling/emailing post lesson start time is not acceptable).

4.     If you are on MONTHLY lesson contracting, and YOU have to reschedule, there will be only ONE make-up lesson per 30 DAYS. All make-up lessons must be completed BY the last scheduled day of the MONTH. There will be NO MAKE-UP FOR A MISSED MAKE-UP.

5.     If you are on a TERM lesson contracting plan and YOU have to reschedule, there will be only THREE make-up lessons per TERM. All make-up lessons must be completed BY the last scheduled day of the term. There will be NO MAKE-UP FOR A MISSED MAKE-UP.

6.   Please report at least five minutes BEFORE your lesson begins. Please do not bring guests to your lessons. This is your PRIVATE lesson time. Siblings are requested to wait in the designated area due to lack of space in the studio.

7.    PARENTS: It is paramount you refrain from directly criticizing your singer or the choice of music. Please direct any concerns to me rather than venting through your singer. When you criticize the choice of literature with your singer, the trust between student and teacher is impeded. When you criticize your singer directly, it could stop his/her growth exponentially.

8.     An additional $5-$10 fee will be issued every term. This is non-refundable. It will be due at the first scheduled lesson. This fee will cover CD’s burned, music copied, music purchased, and any other miscellaneous expenses. If the studio purchases over $5.00 of music on your behalf, that will be an additional charge. Therefore you may use or to purchase your own music. If the music is not on either of those sites, it probably does not exist.

9. Recitals are encouraged but NOT required. If the student would rather opt out of the recital, there will be a lesson in place of the recital (provided the lesson has been prepaid).

NOTE: If there is a recital, the last prepaid lesson of the term shall be used as payment towards the rental of Graner Music Recital Hall, reception food, rehearsal and performance times. IF a professional accompanist is hired, YOU MUST CONTRACT DIRECTLY WITH HIM/HER. The cost is $50 per rehearsal hour or $35 per rehearsal half hour.

10. Competitions (ages 15-adult) are separate costs and will vary with each competition. If a professional accompanist is required, the cost could run anywhere from $100-$300. This would cover the rehearsals, travel to the competition and competition day performance(s).

Let’s have a great year!

I have read the above.

Signed (parent) _____________________________ Date ___________

Student ___________________________________ Date ___________