Peak Performance Voice Studio Policies


  • Please see Studio Fees under Studio Information for pricing.
  • Payment is due on or before the first lesson of each month.
  • Please use PayPal if possible.
  • Check and cash payments are fine. If a check for payment is insufficient, you will pay the bank fees and the lesson in cash, PayPal or credit card. All future lessons MUST BE PAID IN CASH, PayPal OR CREDIT CARD.
  • If you pay for the month and decide to stop taking lessons before the end of the month, balance of lesson payments will NOT be refunded.
  • All lessons must be consecutive, according to the Term Schedule.
  • Once you commit to the studio, the expectation is you will continue every week of every scheduled month. If you plan to stop taking lessons at any time, please let me know ASAP via email.
  • When payment is due, please submit WHEN REQUESTED. If you do not submit payment on time, you will be charged a $25 late fee.
  • An additional $10 fee will be issued every term for IN STUDIO students. This is non-refundable. It will be due at the first scheduled lesson of the term. This fee will cover CD’s burned, music copied, music purchased, sight reading factory membership and any other miscellaneous expenses. If the studio purchases over $5.00 of music on your behalf, that will be an additional charge. Therefore you may use or to purchase your own music. If the music is not on either of those sites, it probably does not exist.


  • NO rescheduled make up lesson for a lesson missed or inclement weather. Instead you may choose options 1, 2 or 3:
  • Option 1: Send me a video of you performing the vocal exercises and the song(s) you’ve prepared. Upload the video via Google Drive, Drop Box or YouTube. I will use your lesson day/time to evaluate your work and send you a video back with my assessment. Videos must be sent PRIOR to the missed assigned lesson unless unforeseen inclement weather or unavoidable emergency.
  • Option 2: Zoom lesson on the day/time of your assigned lesson.
  • Option: 3: If there is a time in BLUE, you may reschedule for that time.
  • If you miss your lesson (no call/no show), you will NOT receive any options for a make up (calling/emailing post lesson start time is not acceptable).


  • The cost of online lessons is the same as in person lessons. Please see Studio Fees under Studio Information for pricing.
  • You will be invoiced via PayPal. As soon as payment is received, your lesson will be scheduled.
  • The vocal exercises and all accompaniment files will be uploaded for you in Google Drive or Drop Box.
  • You will need two separate devices (computer, smartphone, tablet). At least one must be able to operate Zoom (FaceTime as a back up). The other must have adequate speakers for playing accompaniment sound tracks or be able to connect to an external speaker. An external microphone is encouraged but not required.
  • Most of the successful Zoom lessons incorporate Zoom on the computer and downloaded mp3 files on a smart phone.
    Please have all vocal exercises and accompaniments downloaded BEFORE your lesson so your time online will be used wisely.


  • If you wish to become a good singer, please practice 20 minutes, five out of seven days.
  • If you wish to be an excellent singer, please practice TWO 20 minute periods six out of seven days.
  • If you wish to be a competitive singer, please practice THREE 20 minute periods EVERY DAY until your literature is learned, memorized and polished.
  • Parents do play a vital role in the success of their singer. If you do not hear your student singing, they probably are not practicing.
  • It is paramount you refrain from directly criticizing your singer or the choice of music.
  • Please call or email any concerns to me rather than venting through your singer. When you criticize the choice of literature with your singer, the trust between student and teacher is impeded.
  • When you criticize your student directly, it could stop his/her growth exponentially. The vocal cords are close to the heart strings!


  • Recitals and competitions are encouraged but NOT required. If the student would rather opt out of the recital, there will be a lesson in place of the recital (provided the lesson has been prepaid).
  • The parent and student are encouraged to search for competitions online. Please vet the site completely to insure you have all the correct information and that the competition is age appropriate for your singer.
  • Do understand there will be a possibility of additional expenses involved with a competition.
  •  If the audition is live, accompanist fees run $50-$75 per hour.
  • If the accompanist must drive out of town, there is a $.56 per mile gas compensation. The cost of out of town lodging and meals must be considered as well.
  • The competition itself may require a registration fee.
  • The instructor is not responsible for transportation and/or lodging to out of town events.


  • Please park on the street. Note: there is a violin studio just west of the studio so parking can be challenging. At a last resort, you may park in the driveway. Please be mindful of other drivers and do NOT park in the middle of the driveway.
  • During inclement weather, please park in the driveway. Our driveway faces north and is very slippery, even when scooped. If it is raining, running up and down our slanted driveway may be dangerous.
  • Please encourage your young drivers to watch for the neighborhood children who sometimes play in the street.


  • You may wash your hands and put on hand sanitizer.
  • Please make sure your singer NEVER comes to a lesson with a temperature or Covid symptoms.
  • If the singer has been exposed to Covid, he/she is expected to use the video option #1 or option #2 on Zoom platform for14 days (two lessons).
  • If the singer (or the teacher) cannot continue lessons due to the illness of Covid, those lessons will be refunded.
  • The steps outlined in the studio policies are intended to provide a safe environment for student learning.  However, given the uncertainties relating to transmission of the COVID-19 virus, there is a risk that students or any family member or other individual accompanying a student may contract the virus while at the studio.  By acknowledging the studio’s policies, you agree to assume any and all risk associated with COVID-19.  You also agree to waive, release, and discharge any claims against Peak Performance Voice Studio and Paula Baack for liability for any illness, injury, damage or loss that may occur due to contracting COVID-19 in connection with attendance at the studio.